After more than ten years of experience in the industry, we create responsive designs that not only look great on any device but also offer your customers what they expect to receive. Clear answers and solutions to their needs. That is because we standardized the procedure of creating a website from scratch, including the costs implied.

Pentru cei grabiti, asta este o oferta buna. Pentru cei care stiu, este o oferta incompleta. Realizarea unui website nu contine numai un formular de contact, cateva pagini si atat. Include si urmatoarele. Cateva este obligatoriu sa le achitati, cateva nu. Oricum, aici o sa gasiti toate informatii.

Step 1 – Analysis

  Consultanta despre tehnologia care potriveste nevoile site-ului
  Set a time plan, set a plan with the steps we will follow,
  Prepare the menu and the sitemap
  Prepare a list with content needed (text, images,)
  Optional – You can do it alone or we can do it for you
  Cost – 50€

Step 2 – Nume de Domeniu

  It is your ID on the web. Choose something representative for your business
  Obligatoriu – You can buy it directly from ICI Bucuresti (
  Cost – 60€ pentru *.ro si este valabil pe viata

Step 3 – Gazduirea Web

  The place that your website is saved and installed. Without it, your website cannot be online
  Obligatoriu – You can host your site to us or wherever you like
  Cost – 60€/an

Step 4 – Design

  Website design is the image and the look of your company online
  You can use the default design from installation with zero cost but you cannot customize anything on it
  You can buy one from the market that is customizable including a lot of functionalities
  Optional – It is up to your needs and your budget
  Cost – 50-60€ for a design purchased from the market

Step 5 – Functionalitati si Utilitati

  Everything you want your site to do, is doing it through a module
  If you want it to present picture in a nice way, then you need a foto gallery module
  There is a large number of modules in the market or you can customize one with us
  Optional – You can purchase from zero to a large number of modules depending on your needs
  Cost – 10-50€ pentru majoritatea modulelor de pe piata

Step 6 – Installation & Uploads

  It is the part that we work and you see your site on the internet
  We create a database to your hosting account pointing on your domain
  We install your design and/or your modules
  We create the pages and the menu of your site
  We upload your content (text and images) and pozition them to the site
  We set your modules with your needs (Formular de contact, Galerie de Imagini, etc)
  We place links to your Social Media or wherever you need
  We set your mail server and create your personilized emails
  We index it to google so as to be reachable from prospective clients
  Pentru cei grabiti, it is a miracol how many other things are included in making a site..
  Cost – 150€

Step 7 – Support

  We can study and write the text for your site in your place
  We work with images, banners, ,
  We can assist you with your online marketing strategy
  We can assist you with all your project from scratch
  Obligatoriu – it is our obligation to support you before but also after sales
  Cost – Depends on quantity, skills needed, time.

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