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Why do I need a website? How it will help or improve my business?

Most companies have a website. You are in a competition. If your competitors have a website while you don’t, then they clearly have a competitive advantage against you. On the other hand, think simple. What do you do when you navigate on the internet at home? You search for products and services. Who doesn’t do that? Everybody. Do you want others to find your products or services? It’s that simple.


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Step 1 - Analysis

Before you begin building a website, there are some questions that you need to answer. How and why a website will assist and boost your business? How it will look like, what its name will be, what it will do, which will be its functions, which technology it will use, etc. You need to combine strategic issues, graphics, marketing, business analysis, web knowledge and development all together. It is the first and most important step of the procedure.

Step 2 - Domain Name

A domain name is your first practical decision. It is the name that you will go public. There are a lot of registrars that you can buy a domain name. The official registrar for Romania is ROTLD.RO and it costs aproximatively 50 euros for life. You can buy it directly from there and also administrate it or we can buy it and administrate it for you. Click here for rotld or just contact us.

Step 3 - Web Hosting

Thousands of companies offer web hosting. There are cheap and expensive ones. Depends on what they offer and how professional they behave. Prefer one that is to your country. Its faster. Again you can purchase a package and administrate it by yourself or we can host your website for 6 euros per month. Find out more about our Web Hosting Services here.

Step 4 - Design

It is the appearence of your website. How it will look like, which will be its colours, how everything will be prezented. There are thousands of designs that you can search and purchase directly from the market or you can create a custom one with us. The cost for a custom design begins from 200 euros while the average cost for a design purchased from the market is 60 euros. You can search and buy designs by following the links below. DNN refers to dotnetnuke and requires Windows hosting, while WP refers to wordpress and requires Linux hosting.
Marketplace for DNN Skins       MarketPlace for WP Themes      

Step 5 - Menu & Pages

The title sais it all. What pages your website will contain? Which ones will appear to the menu and which will be hidden? Its a combination of marketing, strategy and web functionality. The end user will like or dislike the website because of this. We are experts to this. The cost is exactly 40 euros.

Step 6 - Functions & Modules

It is the phase that everybody thinks that a website can do everything and at no cost. No! A website can do anything that you want, but everything implies a cost. Modules are functions. A Photo Gallery Module shows pictures, an eCommerce Module presents and sells products, a newsletter module sends newsletters, etc. You can find to the market all kind of modules at prices that vary from 10 to 150 euros. Sometimes customization is required. We are in the pozition to say that we have a large experience.
MarketPlace for DNN Modules MarketPlace for WP Plugins   

Step 7 - Logos & Graphics

A website needs to be attractive to the eye and recognizable from its users. It needs to be alive! You need colors, you need a logo, you needs graphics. Costs depend on your needs – a logo, envelopes, banners, etc and on the quantity you want – one banner or 10 banners? For example a simple static banner costs 20 euros. Check our prices analytically here.

Step 8 - Text

Something that almost noone thinks when creating a website is what the site will say. It needs text. What this text will say and who will write it? Of course it is something that you can do by yourself. If you dont, then we can do it for you. Targeted exact to your needs and with the attitude that fits your company. The cost for this vary between 20 and 60 euros per A4 page depending on the complexity. Of course basic information are provided by you.

Step 9 - SEO

Search Engine Optimization. It sounds good and it has to be good. There is no use for a website if noone knows that it exists. The website has to be made in such a way, that search engines such as google, yahoo, etc will see it, read its content and appear it to their results. Prices begin from 50 euros and depend on the number of pages that you have as well as the type of your website.

Step 10 - Revision & Optimization

When everything is done, we revise everything from top to bottom. Small mistakes, better pictures, better placement of banners, improved text and content, something you forgot, all has to be fixed. That’s free. It is our duty to give a final product that you are proud of..

Step 11 - Promotion & Advertising

The only way to get known quickly. Lets see all of your options ..quickly. Advertising – Places that possible future clients will see you and find out about you. It can be printed (flyers, leaflets, street banners, etc) or online (google, yahoo, facebook, directories, etc). In printed advertising you pay for the graphic design and the number of flyers, while on online advertising you pay per clic or for a fixed period of time. Prices vary. Promotion – Indirect ways to be known. Lately they have more effect than it was expected. You can achieve it through collaborations, newsletters, or the special category of Social Madia such as blogs, facebook, pinterest, etc. We gathered all of them in two main categories. Follow one of the links below to get more information and prices.
Promotion & Advertising Social Media Communications

Step 12 - Feedback

It is a very important step that only few companies pay attention. We advise you not to do the same but pay attention to it. When you have a new site ‘on air’ you are happy for it. Some of your clients or visitors, will give you their feedback. Some comments will be negative. Try to overcome the fact that your website is bright new and doesn’t need changes. Remember that even the best website of the world, can always be better and improved.

D DotNetNuke is a web content management system based on Microsoft .NET. Windows.
Avoiding hyper details, DNN is based on two things. The skin and the modules.
The Skin – you need one.. Its the whole picture! the design, the colours, the appearance, the background… It is what you see!! It is what your customers see!! So it has to be nice. Very nice. There are custom skins and skins on the market. The more.. custom, the more expensive. We work with both. We will talk for both. Everything is possible. Even the impossible.
The Modules – are those ‘little things’ that make a website to make what you want. You want it to play music? You put a player module. You want it to show images? You put a photo gallery module. The types of modules are: communication, content management, functionality, images & media, Marketing and social, eCommerce and mobile. So you want it to fry potatoes? It fries it.
There are again custom modules and modules on the market. Communication, pricing and work, follows the same rules as before. Dont worry, you will probably need many of these.. and some of them will be very complicated.. but this is what we are hungry for..
We use this technology for more complicated things. Something more complicated than a simple eCommerce. Because we love to make little complicated things and we are good at it.
W WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Linux.
Instead of skins and modules, we now have Themes and Plugins.
Themes are what you see on the screen. The presentation of the website. Its colours, its colour combinations, the positioning of buttons, articles, pictures, functions, everything. It is what your customers see. We insist to that. So, it has to be nice.
Plugins allows to extend the features and functionality of a website. There are more than 40,000 plugins available on the market. You will sure find whatever you want. There are also themes that include modules. Customizations are also available.
We use this technology mostly for presentation websites, image galleries, blogs, etc.
MarketPlace for DNN Skins       MarketPlace for WP Themes      
MarketPlace for DNN Modules MarketPlace for WP Plugins   

Clear Visual Identity

Internal and external improved visibility and recognizability.


A differentiated reason of being that stands apart from others.


What you offer will be exactly what they expect to receive.

Business Philosophy

Clear answers to questions like “Who we are?” and “Where are we going?”

Improved communications
Attainment of business objectives
Improved audience credibility
Internal and external reputation
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