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Fast response no matter how full is your website!


We serve optimal configuration so as to offer predictable reliable performance.


All popular web apps available for instantaneous deployment.


Pre- and After-Sales support. You will never stay alone to this!

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Isn’t it nice when someone takes care of everything? These are our Web Hosting Services!

The scope of our web hosting services is to let you focus on the content of your website and let all administrational issues to us. We undertake everything, from the administration of your domain name, up to the smooth function of your website and everything that will assist you make your job – Emails, FTP accounts, backups, etc. You just have to focus on your content.

Monthly Plan

You pay once every month
  • Total per Year: 90€
  • Total per payment: 7.5€
  • Discount 0%
  • Disk Space: 1 GB
  • Monthly Traffic: up to 100GB
  • Email: Unlimited

Tri-mestrial Plan

You pay quarterly
  • Total per year: 84€
  • Total per payment: 21€
  • Discount 7%
  • Disk Space: 1GB
  • Monthly Traffic: up to 100GB
  • Emails: Unlimited

Semi-annual Plan

You pay twice per year
  • Total per Year: 78€
  • Total per payment: 39€
  • Discount 14%
  • Disk Space: 1GB
  • Monthly Traffic: up to 100GB
  • Emails: Unlimited


Once every month
Discount – 0%
Total per year: 90 euro
7,5 euro/month


Once every three months
Discount – 7%
Total per year: 84 euro
7 euro/month


Once every six months
Discount – 14%
Total per year: 78 euro
6,5 euro/month


Once every year
Discount – 20%
Total per year: 72 euro
6 euro/month

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